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It's 2024!!! 


Did you put off getting certified another year?  What are your going to do this coming year that's new and exciting? 

How about Scuba Diving? 

Or if you're already a diver, how about working on your skills, learning new skills, or planning a trip?

Where did you travel to in 2023?  How about going somewhere with use in 2024?

Call us and let us help you explore new things in the new year!!!







Scuba 8 has secured a partnership with Diving Unlimited International.  We will be carrying DUI and OMS drysuits and scuba gear!!!  We are very excited to be partners with this great company and their products!!


Dive Videos
Store (Coming Soon)
Local Dive Sites/Trips/Travel

Upcoming trips

We are planning our  next trip now!

Join us, We're going to Cozumel

in August of  2023

For further information, click here or Contact Scuba 8 at 505-539-DIVE or 505-401-8845 to book your spot!


Womens Dive Day


July  2023


Hey Scuba 8 Family!!  We had an amazing time with everyone this year (especially with the help of Chad, Chelsea, and April!).

We hope you tell your friends and have them come out next year to celebrate this awesome day with us.


We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

About Us

Scuba Diving in the desert?


At Scuba 8 we get asked that question a lot. But even though we live in a high desert we want to assure you; WE HAVE FOUND THE WATER!!! 

We have been around the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area since 2012, for over 11 years now!!!

Where do you want go?  What do you want to see? 


Be it close or far, we would love to help you get your adventure started in the underwater world!!!


Retail Store & Repair Shop

6020 Midway Park #G

Albuquerque, NM 87109



by pre arrangement only

6940 Glen Hills Dr. NE

Rio Rancho, NM 87144


Shop Tel: 505-539-3483

Cell: 505-401-8845



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