Back From Bonaire!!


Hey Everyone!  There was a brief concern that they were going to get stuck in Houstion, but Gabe, Ray, and Craig made it back from Bonaire safe and sound.


I'm sure they're glad to be back on familiar territory but they were better off being there.  To date, Bonaire has no confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19.  So coming back to the US is actually putting them at risk. 


Regardless of the status of Covid-19 in Bonaire, it's my understanding that they are all committed to doing a 14 day self quarantine as recommended by the CDC.  More on that and Scuba 8 in another News page.


They got a lot of diving and relaxing in while they were there and had a great time. But they wished everything going on wasnt so crazy and that more of us were able to go.


But rest assured, we will be going back to Bonaire again!!!