Covid-19 Precautions Being Taken



Hello Scuba 8 family!!!! 


We know that you’ve seen countless emails, letters, and posts on how companies are “stepping up” their awareness and the precautions they are taking to protect everyone from COVID-19.  


We’re not going to relist those.  The CDC has provided the information, you have read it, and so have we.  


What is most important to us, is to make sure you are in an environment that is safe, clean and healthy. Be assured that we are taking every precaution we can to make sure that when you are visiting our shop, are in a class with us, or if you purchase or rent our gear that we are following the recommendations of DAN and the CDC.


The general recommendations for cleaning SCUBA gear has been stated by DAN and are in large what we do on a normal basis.  You can read their recommendations here:




All of the pools are closed at this time, so obviously all pool instruction has been halted for now.  We will be looking at options that we can provide for classes with limited or no exposure/contact in person (i.e. PADI online, or remote video class) when we can.  When things turn around, we will look to schedule pool sessions and open water sessions as soon as we can.


We request that if you are thinking about coming to the shop, and you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or could have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, please, just give us a call or text instead.  We will happily answer your questions, get you products, or figure out what the best next step is going to be for you and for us.


Again, we want to make sure everyone is in an environment that is safe, clean and healthy.


We are excited to work with you, and look forward to a long lasting future of diving with you far beyond this or any other issues that come up.


Be safe!


Gabe/Shop 505-401-8845

Brian         505-280-6066