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Buy the 10 Tank Card and you can either rent our tanks for the day or you can have your own tanks filled 10 times. Quick and easy way to deal with your tanks and not have to worry. You can even send your kids to pick up the tanks for you... they got free time (Please let us know ahead of time of course!).

A daily rental is considered as you picking up the tank a day prior, before we close,  the day you go diving, and then you bringing it back the following day. So a one day rental turns into you having the tank for 2 nights. Or you can pick it up that day, use it that day or night and return it the following day.

If you want your tank filled, please drop it off a day ahead of time.


If we have an opportunity to fill it while you wait, that may be a possibility but there's no guarantee. 

10 Tank Fill/Rental Card

SKU: sku_5e9a492f87917_1587169583
  • Card must be presented when you come in to fill or pick up tanks.
    Card will be punched for each rental/fill

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