Hello Everyone!!  


We are excited to say that we will be able to open the store beginning Saturday, May 16th per the Governors new Health Orders.


In order to do this, we will be following the health order in the following manner:

  1. Customers will be maintained at 25% of the store capacity

  • Although walk in’s are always welcome at the shop, you can help us maintain the 25% rule by calling or texting in advance so that we can make sure that you do not have to wait outside or go back outside when you get here.


  • When you arrive, you can text us or knock on the glass, and we will open the door for you so that you don’t have to touch the handle.  Although it will be cleaned regularly. 

    • Or, you can come in and if there are too many people, we will ask you to wait outside until someone leaves.

    • Or, we will come outside and work with you there to get what you need


2. Masks are required by the Governor for all public areas.  

  • Staff will be wearing masks/face shield/barrier (we'll just call them masks, see below for explaination)

  • We request that you wear a masks also, and comply with the Public Health Order.

    • IF there is a medical reason that you cannot wear a mask, please just let us know when you arrive.

  • EXCEPTION: when you are trying on/fitting a scuba mask you will need to remove your mask.  We have come up with a process for you to do this and be safe. 


3. Handling and Cleaning Products

  • Any merchandise that you would like to look at, pick up, feel free to do so.  When you are done "looking" at it we just ask that you place it in the plastic tote that we have marked “to be cleaned” so that we can ensure that all items have been “disinfected” prior to putting it back on the shelf.


  • Please understand that this is just a precaution and although we are all certain that we are virus free, it just helps ensure that we are protecting each other.


4. Paying for products and services

  • When customers are ready to leave, payment methods will be addressed in the following manner.

  • If you are paying with a credit card, only you will handle your card.  You will have to sign on the face of a digital device which will require your finger or a stylus.


  • Cash payments will be completely manual as usual


  • Checks are accepted as well.


5. Pens will be available for you to utilize as needed.  

  • Pens will be maintained in two containers: “Clean Pens” and “Dirty Pens”.

  • If you need a pen, grab one from the "Clean Pen" container.

  • When you are done, place it in the "Dirty Pen" container.


  • We will clean pens throughout the day as needed or necessary.


6. Courses & Diving

  • (6-5-20) Blue Hole!!  Blue Hole is open in a limited capacity!!  We have secured dates and opportunities for us to go to Blue Hole and we will be starting taking students out there to finish their Open Water Courses and to do Advanced and Specialty Courses!! Contact the shop if you have questions!


  • With regards to Classes, we are still limited to online courses and special arrangements/appointments at this time.  We are still waiting for pools to open.  AS SOON AS THEY ARE OPEN WE WILL GET PEOPLE IN THE WATER!!!!


  • We will have some opportunities coming up for people who want to dive on a limited number basis.  You will have to be an Advanced Open Water diver at a minimum and Deep Specialty preferred but not required.  We could actually do you Deep Specialty on the outing.  Stay tuned for more information or contact Gabe to see when it's going to be set up.


REMEMBER!  We can still service your gear, inspect and fill tanks, or rent tanks any time!!! 


We are excited to see you all and are still looking forward to when we can get in the water and blow bubbles again.





Gabe 401-8845

Brian 280-6066

MASK - the intent behind a mask is that you have a barrier that covers your nose and mouth to prevent droplets that you produce from being projected onto someone else, in their face or "space".  As N95 masks cannot be mandated because they should be reserved for healthcare professionals, a mask can be any variety of thing.  It could be the simple cloth masks that are bing made, a gaiter, a face shield, a veil, or whatever you may have to create this barrier.  Again, if you have a preexisting health issue that precludes you from wearing a mask please just let us know.  We will not ask you what that is.


Also, we hate to even say it because you've heard it so many times now, but:




But we know that you already konw that, so sorry for saying it again.