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First Aid, CPR, AED, and Oxygen Provider Courses


Scuba 8 offers several courses from Emergency First Response as well as the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course to provide you the necessary tools to respond to a medical emergency when diving, at work, or even when you are at home with your family.  


These courses are focused on building YOUR confidence and your abilities.  The hope is that by teaching YOU, the lay rescuer, the tools to help others when they are having a medical emergency it will increase your willingness to respond.  We will accomplish this by teaching you skills in a non-stressful learning environment that will allow you to practice these skills as much as you want in order to be comfortable and retain the information.


Scuba 8 offers a variety of CPR and First aid courses to fit your needs.  We offer training for Divers, but we also provide training for the layperson as well as for the workplace.  Click the picture below to go to the Store and choose the course you are interested in.  If you have a group, a work site, or any other needs that you do not see on the page or in the store, PLEASE, give us a call and let us know how we can support you with our courses.


If you know what you want, you can skip going to the description pages and just select the photo to the right to be taken to our online store for the above courses.

Courses that we offer are below

(Click on any of the pictures to learn more about the programs)

Primary & Secondary Care and AED

(Adult CPR, First Aid and AED)

Care for Children


Primary, Secondary Care and AED for Children

Primary Care and AED 


CPR and AED (no First Aid) 

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